Melanie Appleyard

Emotion Coach & Reiki Master

Melanie Appleyard is a Primary School Teacher, Angelic Reiki Master and Emotion Coach, who facilitates social, emotional and spiritual well-being in adults and children. She has postgraduate qualifications in Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) and Special Educational Needs Coordination. Melanie is passionate about mental health and emotional well-being, which she believes are the keys to good health and happiness. She is also a huge animal lover.

Her role has involved identifying and planning support to develop the emotional well-being of children with low self–esteem; those who find it difficult to form and maintain friendships and those who struggle to recognize and manage their emotions. She is absolutely passionate about teaching children to develop these skills from a young age.


Her own critical illness gave her a deeper, more personal insight into the importance of emotional well-being and her recovery was aided by self-care techniques. These included Reiki, meditation, good nutrition, a positive mindset, a supportive family and her super dog, Daisy.


In today’s busy society, there has never been more of a need for us to learn to quieten the mind. Melanie strongly believes that teaching children the skills they need to manage their emotions from a young age will help prevent dis-ease at a later date, which in turn can cause ill health.


Melanie has had the good fortune to share her life with many furry friends over the years. From her cheeky cat, ‘Dodger the Lodger’ who came knocking at her door one day and soon moved in; her chipmunks, Oho and Timone, who kept her endlessly entertained with their determination and teamwork; and an elderly horse she used to look after, who clearly had her own perspective on life, she was given a huge amount of love, laughs and enjoyment over the years. She strongly believes that all those wonderful animals entered her life with important lessons – to love freely – including yourself, to give willingly, to enjoy life, to have fun, to live in the moment and to do what you love.


Melanie’s love and respect for animals and her appreciation of the lessons they teach us inspired her to write an animal-themed emotional wellbeing and empowerment course, for children aged 6-10 years, which incorporates movement, meditation and wonderful lessons from different animals that will build self-esteem, increase confidence, build relationships and solve problems, whilst also learning to recognise and regulate emotions.


It is her absolute pleasure to help your children learn skills and techniques to improve their well-being, with the help of many wonderful animals.


Melanie is a member of The Healer Foundation and The British Complementary Medicine Association. She is insured through Balens, and has her PVG disclosure.




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