Juachi Ezenwa

Certified Life Coach

Juachi is a Certified Life Coach and the Founder of Journey with Ju (@jwjcoaching). She holds a BSc in Sociology and an MSc in Management. Juachi's passion for helping people stems from her teenage years, where she struggled with imposter syndrome and low self-confidence. She found her experience working through her struggles with a life coach truly transformational, so much that her desire is to do the same for others. Now, she is dedicated to empowering people to harness their inner critic or any other limiting patterns and beliefs, and to help them ultimately reach their personal goals. 


She provides one-to-one online coaching sessions via Zoom using techniques based on positive psychology. She specialises in helping people struggling with imposter syndrome, which can present itself in a number of ways including (but not limited to) self-doubt, perfectionism, lack of confidence, insecurities, and anxiety. She also helps people looking to adopt and maintain healthier daily life habits including time management, interpersonal skills such as communication skills and dealing with criticism.


My website - https://www.journeywithju.com

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