Suzy Nairn

Sound Healer

Suzy Nairn is the founder of Soundsphere in Scotland offering workshops, treatments, training, recordings, group journeys online and in Peebles and around Scotland for over 14 years. She is also the co-founder and tutor of the ANSU School of Sound and Tribal Healing Arts in Scotland (since 2014) - the first sound healing school in Scotland. 

Suzy is passionate about the power of sound to help support people through times of transformation and her group sessions and 1:1 treatments have been shown to help clients achieve a sense of peace, have reduced pain and tension, reduce anxiety and even reduced high blood pressure. Sound Therapy is a powerful medicine that gently lulls the person into a deep space of relaxation which increases their ability to cope with life's challenges, chronic illnesses, trauma, pain and anxiety. It can also just be a pleasant experience and enjoyed as a prevention or help support a shift in consciousness and development.

All Suzy's offerings have moved online for the current time and come live from her bespoke Soundsphere studio. Guests report incredible quality of sound and deep experiences. Suzy trained in a 2 year Practitioners Diploma with the British Academy of Sound Therapy (graduated 2009) and has woven her training with her other studies in Vortex healing, Reiki, Pellowah, Tribal healing and Ceremony and Priestess of the Moon training together with her musical background to create powerful and transformative sessions.

Suzy is also an active Board member of the International Therapeutic Sound Association and her original training was with Queen Margaret’s University in Edinburgh where she graduated with a BA (Distinction) in Communication Studies, focusing her final year project on Music and The Communication of Emotions. Suzy then worked in art, music, conservation, environmental education and holistic work over the next 30 years and is passionate about sharing the power of sound and facilitating it's sensitive use within all aspects of society. Suzy is insured and has her PVG disclosure.

Suzy is available for group sound journeys and 1:1 Sound Therapy treatments

To comply with COVID-19 safety measures, we've adapted some of our services to be delivered online. For more information click here.

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