The Flourishing Well Therapists

Susan McNeill

Holistic Wellbeing and Massage Therapist

Susan is an holistic therapist and trainer. After a period of travelling and working abroad, in 1993 she completed ITEC Diploma training in Anatomy and Physiology, Holistic Body Massage, Aromatherapy, Physiatrics, Fitness Instruction and Exercise to Music. Susan has her PVG disclosure.


With experience of working in spas, including at Gleneagles Hotel, Susan expanded her personal development and portfolio of therapies to include Usui and Tibetan Master Reiki Energy Healing, Indian Head Massage and Hopi Ear Candling. Later she added Metatron Angelic Reiki and Numerology to her portfolio.


Teaching Complementary Therapies at both Dundee and Angus FE Colleges to HNC level and laterly National Certificate Life Skills, led Susan to continue her personal development in Behavioural Science studies at Abertay University.


She has worked at both practitioner and management level in Third Sector and charity social care organisations and projects. Her passion for equality and empowerment has led her to manage a supported housing project, a support and transition project for vulnerable teenagers and to work with both vulnerable families and children, supporting adult and child trauma, with a focus on health and emotional wellbeing.


Susan's introduction of infant massage, meditation and relaxation with community groups has helped counteract the effects of ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) stress and trauma. She has undertaken further training in Systemic Family Therapy and Restorative Practice in support of stress management. She has experience of supporting and advocating on behalf of families, young people and children over many years, in many environments, including decision making meetings in the statutory domain.


Susan's more recent work has included Emotional Release Bodywork which incorporates the research and findings of the most well known trauma professionals. Emotional Release Bodywork incorporates relationships, value and touch as a healing tool to release trauma thus enhancing physical and emotional health and wellbeing.

Maria Doherty

Flower & Vibrational Essence Practitioner

Maria Doherty is a Flower  & Vibrational Essence Practitioner and has been qualified in this modality since 2008.  She is a member of the British Flower & Vibrational Essences Association. Maria also works as a Occupational Therapist with children with additional support needs in the NHS. Maria has her PVG disclosure.


Flower and vibrational essences can help enhance emotional well being. Essences can help us develop self-knowledge and understanding and support us while we make necessary changes in the way we behave, think and make the most of life's opportunities. 


Maria offers one to one consultations, workshops and online events. children/

Melanie Appleyard

Angelic Reiki Master & Emotion Coach

Melanie Appleyard is a Primary School Teacher, Angelic Reiki Master and Emotion Coach, who facilitates social, emotional and spiritual well-being in adults and children. She has postgraduate qualifications in Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) and Special Educational Needs Coordination. Melanie is passionate about mental health and emotional well-being, which she believes are the keys to good health and happiness. She is also a huge animal lover.

Her role has involved identifying and planning support to develop the emotional well-being of children with low self–esteem; those who find it difficult to form and maintain friendships and those who struggle to recognize and manage their emotions. She is absolutely passionate about teaching children to develop these skills from a young age.


Her own critical illness gave her a deeper, more personal insight into the importance of emotional well-being and her recovery was aided by self-care techniques. These included Reiki, meditation, good nutrition, a positive mindset, a supportive family and her super dog, Daisy.


In today’s busy society, there has never been more of a need for us to learn to quieten the mind. Melanie strongly believes that teaching children the skills they need to manage their emotions from a young age will help prevent dis-ease at a later date, which in turn can cause ill health.


Melanie has had the good fortune to share her life with many furry friends over the years. From her cheeky cat, ‘Dodger the Lodger’ who came knocking at her door one day and soon moved in; her chipmunks, Oho and Timone, who kept her endlessly entertained with their determination and teamwork; and an elderly horse she used to look after, who clearly had her own perspective on life, she was given a huge amount of love, laughs and enjoyment over the years. She strongly believes that all those wonderful animals entered her life with important lessons – to love freely – including yourself, to give willingly, to enjoy life, to have fun, to live in the moment and to do what you love.


Melanie’s love and respect for animals and her appreciation of the lessons they teach us inspired her to write an animal-themed emotional wellbeing and empowerment course, for children aged 6-10 years, which incorporates movement, meditation and wonderful lessons from different animals that will build self-esteem, increase confidence, build relationships and solve problems, whilst also learning to recognise and regulate emotions.


It is her absolute pleasure to help your children learn skills and techniques to improve their well-being, with the help of many wonderful animals.


Melanie is a member of The Healer Foundation and The British Complementary Medicine Association. She is insured through Balens, and has her PVG disclosure.

Ceza Ouzounian

Relationship, Fitness & Energy Coach

Ceza Ouzounian is a Relationship, Fitness & Energy Coach, specialising in aligning the mind, body and soul. She is a qualified Pilates Instructor and Burlexercise Instructor, an accredited Energy Alignment Method (EAM) Mentor, and a Beyond Wellbeing Lifestyle Prescriptions© Provider. She is the Founder of Warrior In Training and the creator of Unleash Your Wonder Woman. Ceza has her PVG disclosure.

Ceza specialises in bringing mind, body and soul alignment through fitness, confidence and mindset. She works with those seeking to regain confidence and control over their body, have a deeper understanding of their relationships and learn how to live life on their terms.  

A lot of Ceza’s work comes from her own experiences. After a back injury in 2009, Ceza embraced Pilates into her life to help her heal her back. Experiencing the amazing benefits of Pilates and the difference it made into her life, she decided to train as a Pilates instructor and bring this life changing fitness to the lives of many.  

From there she trained as a Burlexercise Instructor, which allows her clients to embrace their inner showgirl, learn to love their body and be able to have fun while getting fit.  

The Energy Alignment Method (EAM) appeared in Ceza’s life when she needed it most. It took her on a journey of self-discovery that allowed her to fully step into her true self, be able to live and learn from being in an unsupportive relationship and create a business and life she loves.  

Ceza is on a mission to help women and men learn to take control of their mind, body and soul, to go after their desires without fear, to step into their power and be the warrior they are.

Lorna Cameron

Holistic Health Practitioner

Lorna Cameron is the founder, director and chairwoman of The Flourishing Well. She is a holistic health practitioner, artist and author.

Lorna first started coordinating and managing creative, therapeutic, environmental, community events in 2002, not long after she nurtured her way out of her wheelchair after being completely bed-bound with severe ME for many years. 


Aside from naturally navigating her own M.E recovery, she effectively managed and healed a number of secondary conditions. Lorna got awarded 'Transformational Story of the Year' in 2018 at Scottish parliament from The Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland. She has spent the last 17 years gaining her qualifications in Anatomy and Physiology, Psychology, Philosophy, Aromatherapy, Naturopathy, Swedish massage, Reflexology, Advanced EFT, CBT, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Oncology massage and Angelic Reiki. She also does channelled spiritual guidance and trained with Kyle Gray to further enhance her spiritual work.


Lorna has created 80 organic, therapeutic from nature to nurture skincare products with an eco-friendly ethos. She hosts unique, creative, holistic well-being workshops throughout Arbroath, Angus, Dundee and Glasgow. She also does one to one empowering sessions from her treatment rooms. She helps nurture, support and empower clients who have physical or mental health conditions and those who've been through trauma.


Lorna uses her healing modalities alongside intuition and other gifts to empathically enable others to access their own innate healing mechanisms, in order to flourish.  Lorna is the holistic practitioner funded by WRASAC to help support clients dealing with rape and sexual abuse.


When Corona Virus came along she became an NHS volunteer responder. 


She is a member of The Complementary Medical Association, Holistic Therapists Association, EFT International and has her PVG disclosure. 


Lorna believes we live in an infinite universe where anything’s possible.


Tamar Whitson

Art & Design Specialist

Hello, my name is Tamar and I have been teaching art and design for 15 years! I have taught art to young people and adults in a variety of settings around the world including schools, charities and within my own business, The City Workshop

Edinburgh. Tamar has her PVG disclosure.


I have a BA(Hons) degree in Textile Design, a postgraduate teaching qualification and working towards a Masters in Art Psychotherapy. I am an experienced and knowledgeable educator; creating a fun, engaging and enjoyable

learning experience.

I want to bring the joy of art and craft making to as many people as I can. I never tire of seeing the happiness that creating art brings and I believe that art is for everyone. Creating art offers us so many benefits; building our confidence, allowing self expression and giving us a focus away from all our daily thoughts and worries.

I believe that everyone can create art and my classes give you the confidence to make your own individual art and craft pieces. There are so many reasons to learn an artistic skill; whether you want to study traditional techniques or switch off from the pressures of life, I offer the perfect environment to try something new. There is nothing better than creating your own piece of art or craft, whether for your own home or a gift for a loved one, you can proudly say ' I made that”!

Suzy Nairn

Sound Healer

Suzy Nairn is the founder of Soundsphere Scotland offering workshops, treatments, training, recordings, group journeys online and in Peebles and around Scotland for over 13 years. She is also the co-founder and tutor of the ANSU School of Sound and Tribal Healing Arts in Scotland (since 2014) - the first sound healing school in Scotland which offers a Certificate in Creative Therapeutic Sound for communities starting each spring (this year online).


All Suzy's offerings have moved online for the current time and many new offerings are coming over the following months. Suzy trained in a 2 year Practitioners Diploma with the British Academy of Sound Therapy (graduated 2009) and has woven her training with her other studies in Vortex healing, Reiki, Pellowah, Tribal healing and Ceremony and Priestess of the Moon training together with her musical background to create powerful and transformative events.

Her original training was with Queen Margaret’s University in Edinburgh where she graduated with a BA (Distinction) in Communication Studies, focusing her final year project on Music and The Communication of Emotions. Suzy then worked in art, music, conservation, environmental education and holistic work over the next 25 years and is passionate about sharing the power of sound and facilitating it's sensitive use within all aspects of society.

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