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Samantha Littlejohns

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Samantha is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Habits of Happiness Coach Mindfulness teacher and an Anxiety UK registered therapist, No 1 best selling author, The host of Everyday Inspirational podcast and the creator of ‘The Habits of Happiness Programme’ which has been delivered throughout Scotland, in schools, youth sector and through her private coaching business. 


She holds further diplomas in Beauty Therapy,  250HRs Yoga Teaching, Rapid Pain Elimination Therapy, Heart Math, The Science of Happiness, L.O.A Integrating Science Coaching, Mindfulness, Kinetic Chain Release (KCR). She is a Reiki Master and is also an Advanced Practitioner of Ho'oponopono


She is passionate about helping people unlock the secrets to happiness within. Through a simple process of integrating the science of happiness, mindfulness and powerful coaching tool. creating consistency and cultivating positive emotional, spiritual and mental habits, helping them increase their happiness.


She offers:


1-1 Session

Group Coaching


Online Retreat



Clinical Hypnotherapy


Hypnotherapy is very much about us working together. My aim is for you to feel very comfortable and relaxed to achieve the best results for you. Hypnotherapy is all about working with the subconscious mind to resolve any problem you may be facing.


Fears & Phobias


Weight Loss


PTSD and much more.

We often find that we cannot express everything we want to verbally. This is why I use different methods of communication throughout the process which is key to the transformation. In a lot of cases, you don't need to tell me anything if you don't wish to, we still get wonderful results. We work with your emotions and if you can feel it you can shift it.




Coaching allows you to access your own inner wisdom which is always present and available. I will help you to move through perceived obstacles and areas where you feel stuck in your life. You will experience transformation and start to see bigger possibilities.

Coaching is a safe, gentle, transformative process that raises your awareness in a way that brings clarity and purpose to your life. This creates a deep connection for living a creative life filled with passion, authenticity, ease, and happiness.




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