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Ceza Ouzounian

Fitness & Relationship Coach

Ceza Ouzounian is a Relationship, Fitness & Energy Coach, specialising in aligning the mind, body and soul. She is a qualified Pilates Instructor and Burlexercise Instructor, an accredited Energy Alignment Method (EAM) Mentor, and a Beyond Wellbeing Lifestyle Prescriptions© Provider. She is the Founder of Warrior In Training and the creator of Unleash Your Wonder Woman. Ceza has her PVG disclosure.

Ceza specialises in bringing mind, body and soul alignment through fitness, confidence and mindset. She works with those seeking to regain confidence and control over their body, have a deeper understanding of their relationships and learn how to live life on their terms.  

A lot of Ceza’s work comes from her own experiences. After a back injury in 2009, Ceza embraced Pilates into her life to help her heal her back. Experiencing the amazing benefits of Pilates and the difference it made into her life, she decided to train as a Pilates instructor and bring this life changing fitness to the lives of many.  

From there she trained as a Burlexercise Instructor, which allows her clients to embrace their inner showgirl, learn to love their body and be able to have fun while getting fit.  

The Energy Alignment Method (EAM) appeared in Ceza’s life when she needed it most. It took her on a journey of self-discovery that allowed her to fully step into her true self, be able to live and learn from being in an unsupportive relationship and create a business and life she loves.  

Ceza is on a mission to help women and men learn to take control of their mind, body and soul, to go after their desires without fear, to step into their power and be the warrior they are.

Ceza Ouzounian - Relationship, Fitness &


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