The Flourishing Well Committee Members



Founder, Director and Chairwoman

Hi, I’m Lorna and the founder, Director and chairwoman of The Flourishing Well. I’m also a holistic Health practitioner, and have had personal experience in a caring role for people with mental and physical health conditions, from a very young age. 


The seeds of my passionate soul mission first started germinating in 2002, when I received funding to coordinate and manage many environmental, creative community projects over the space of a few years. With the aim to help adults and children to de-stress and nurture themselves, by connecting more with each other, nature and their creative selves.


I then went on to coordinate community, art, drama, music and holistic wellbeing workshops with a group I co-founded in Perth called the MIDDAS group.

I’m now delighted that we’re spreading our wings wider, cultivating more empathic, community spirit. Bringing together all our unique gifts and talents, with even more beautiful kindred spirits to host and take part in nourishing, exciting, restorative, therapeutic, events and empowering workshops.


I’m thrilled that The Flourishing Well has now got charitable status.


We empower those who have been struggling with their health to flourish in all areas of their lives. 

 I'm looking forward to our adventures together. 


Vice Chairwoman and Trustee

Hello! I'm Jacquelane Cargill. I hail from Glasgow but have lived here in Arbroath since 1981. Having spent a professional career in primary teaching spanning forty years, I am now retired and life continues to be both busy and fulfilling. With a role as an NHS volunteer, I am to be found on the medical wards at Arbroath Infirmary.


Over the past twenty years I have both chaired and promoted the local charity the League of Friends of Arbroath Infirmary which supports the work of our hospital within our local community. For many years I have lived with long term health conditions which, while proving challenging, have made me the person I am today! I have both an interest in and personal experience of a wide range of alternative and holistic therapies to maintain balanced wellbeing.


By nature I am a caring and compassionate 'people person' who listens well and is supportive and encouraging towards others, with a strong community spirit. I have experience as a carer for family members too.  I am proud to support Lorna as the founder of this new and emerging charity, look forward to exciting times ahead and to serve as Vice Chairperson and one of our constituted community group trustees. 

Susan McNeill


Hi I’m Susan McNeill, I initially trained in Massage, Exercise & Holistic therapies in Edinburgh in 1991 some time before there was such a keen interest and information regarding holistic health & well-being. I was immediately hooked and explored many healing and well-being modalities, studying and becoming qualified in those which resonated best.

I began teaching at Dundee and Angus Further Education colleges initially night classes in ITEC Physiology, Massage & Aromatherapy whilst also working as a therapist. I was fortunate enough to also teach life skills to a group of teens facing adversity and at risk of disengaging, which led me to further explore psychology and human behaviour. I studied Behavioural Science and Counselling and began working in third sector organisations and charities initially supporting and empowering young people and single parents. I have continued this work to date supporting vulnerable people for all walks of life.

I have worked at practitioner and management levels and believe we are all teachers and learners having different skills, knowledge and experiences to share. I am passionate about equality and empowerment and have gained skills over many years advocating for those unable to do so for themselves whether this is children, young adults or those in chaotic/challenging situations. I have attended decision making meetings with and on behalf of others and also been part of the foster care panel assessing compatibility for children and carers.

I have worked in a supportive capacity in the community with families in recovery introducing health and well-being activities and holistic therapies, gaining some funding to support single parents access therapies in a person led capacity. Experienced in working with vulnerable families and children, adult & child trauma and those in recovery and using a restorative, valued based approach to help counteract the effects of illness, hardship, stress & trauma.

When not working I love outdoors, hill walking in the Scottish Highlands, nature & animals. I have one daughter who is currently studying at Edinburgh University. I look forward to combining my skills and knowledge in this area, and am looking forward to and excited to be a part of this project and working collectively.


Treasurer and Trustee

Dean is The Flourishing Well’s treasurer. He is a compassionate, kind hearted, empathic soul, who’s a very good listener. His voice and practical experience are also very valuable within our community group as he has lived experience as a carer for people with physical and mental health conditions. Dean gained his qualifications at Perth college in sound engineering. He is also a baker by trade and is a wonderful father to two beautiful girls.. 


Trustee and Chef 

Craig is one of our trustees who has had a passion for creating and eating great food from as far back as he can remember. He did his chefs training at Perth college then went on to work in Delvinos Italian in Auchterarder, followed by The Roost restaurant in bridge of Earn. Thereafter he gained more experience working as a chef in one of Tom Kitchins restaurants The Scran & Scallie in Edinburgh for two years. He then returned to take up the position of head chef in the Roost. 


In lockdown while all restaurants were closed Craig was offered the position of personal chef for a business man, until things returned to normal within the restaurants. . 


When we are out and about with The Flourishing Well holistic well-being events Craig will join us in his free time with live cooking demos, he’ll be sharing some tasty tips and scrumptious samples! 


When we were in lockdown due to Covid19 he tantalised our tastebuds with his wealth of passion and culinary delights which helped us to eat well at this time and beyond. He loves to use local, fresh seasonal ingredients and enjoys foraging for food. Wild garlic is one of his many favourites. 

Craig currently works at Paul Ainsworth's restaurant The Marina in Cornwall.


Craig studied music at Perth college too and can play drums and guitar. He also has experience as a young carer.  

Michelle Oliver

Team Assistant - Admin, Marketing, Tech

My name is Michelle Oliver. I am a marketing mentor and project manager in the holistic wellness industry. 

In 2015, I was a PA and marketing co-ordinator for a holistic wellness centre, co-ordinating the admin, projects and marketing between multiple holistic wellness practitioners and their business activities, including a venue which was hired out. This is where my love for holistic wellness grew, and I love it more and more everyday!

I believe in the shared vision of spreading the beauty of holistic wellness and healing people, not only physically, but mentally, emotionally and spiritually as well. 

Watching the team come together to transform the lives of people in need, gives me a sense of purpose. Each person is unique, bringing a different healing touch to the table, and that is what makes it so special!

I am so honoured to be a part of The Flourishing Well  team.


All my love,


Michelle Oliver

Holistic Business & Marketing Mentor

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