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Sharmeen Bhanji-Abeysinghe

Movement  Medicine Practitioner

Sharmeen Bhanji-Abeysinghe is a trauma-informed Embodied Intuitive Movement Coach whose focus is guiding the Body back into it’s alignment. As a level three ELDOA Practitioner, Pilates instructor, level two Movement for Trauma practitioner, EFT Tapping Practitioner (Emotional Freedom Technique), Clearing Work Practitioner and more. She reactivates our natural ability to heal, so that we can live an intentional, purposeful life with confidence, Wholeness & unapologetic joy.


She intuitively taps into energetic fields and uses her knowledge of the interplay between the body, mind, nervous systems and energetic meridians; and how we can influence these through movement, to provide her clients with a unique, transformative experience.


She is the mother of two brilliant school-aged boys, cat and dog pet pawrent. Sharmeen is in a committed loving relationship of over twenty years with her loving and supportive husband, Sanka. 


When they are not cooking or enjoying a take out meal together, they can be found enjoying the outdoors, playing board games, or just puttering around their home together.  


Sharmeen offers individual & group healing services through her AiMM coaching portals, (which includes a movement medicine video library & app), Masterclasses, and more, via her business  


They are currently offering group and private sessions where Sharmeen brings together her passions and knowledge to empower us to be intentional architects of our Earthly experience by connecting us to Ourselves on a deeper level through the power of movement. 


It is through this intuitive knowledge-sharing that Sharmeen has an impact in the world.


Sharmeen is an advocate of mental & emotional health for all; in herself finds this through movement. 


While deeply rooted in answering the ‘why’ through sciences, science led her back to energetics & intuition. 


Since then, she has been exploring and re-finding her connection to Universal energy source…. Where she has experienced what can only be described as magic! 


Professional Title:  Embodied Intuitive Movement Coach / Movement Medicine Practitioner 


Company:  My Aligned Life



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Complimentary Video Guide:  Movement Melts Stress You must feel it to believe it!



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