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Online Support

The Flourishing Well online Covid19 resilience support. 




Lorna uses holistic wellbeing healing modalities through various online platforms, to help empower people. The techniques help alleviate anxiety, relationship issues, financial worries, self worth issues, cravings, addictions, physical pain and mental health conditions. Helping people to gain confidence and freedom from constraining beliefs. She uses EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), also bringing in aspects of CBT, NLP and Deep state Repatterning, where necessary to help calm the nervous system - Which changes the chemical reaction, diffusing the physiological and physical response of trauma, fear, phobias and stress. She uses naturopathy, aromatherapy and spiritual counselling when needed too.


Lorna has been doing free distance reiki for many, including some of the front line staff she knows. Helping with aromatherapy products and making sure vital supplies of soaps and other nurture products get to people swiftly. She is an NHS volunteer responder, so has been available by phone to listen to people's concerns and help them to access necessities, other services and medical care when appropriate. 


She’s a contributing co author on a book to boost the immune system. She’s done nutritional interviews and free online sessions to help guide people with their holistic wellbeing.

Lorna has been doing her therapeutic skincare and other holistic, wellbeing workshops  online too.




  • I provide Art for Wellbeing Classes.  

  • These classes are for adults but could be tailored to young people age 10-16, (I am suitably qualified, a member of GTCS and PVG registered)

  • These classes are suitable for any artistic ability - no previous art experience is necessary

  • These classes can be taught within a small group of 4-8 people or 1:1.  

  • These classes can be taught as one off classes or as a course of between 4-8 sessions.  

  • Each class is usually between 60-90 minutes.  

  • The classes can be taught online using basic art materials found in the home such as a pencil, pen and possibly colour pencils.  

  • Courses can be provided with an "Art Pack" of colour materials and paints which can be posted to participants (for an extra cost).  


The benefits of participating in these classes are:

  • Provides a focus away from other worries and enables participants to focus deeply

  • Helps to improves wellbeing by decreasing negative emotions and increasing positive ones

  • Provides a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction

  • Activates the reward center of the brain

  • Boosts confidence and self esteem

  • Can be a way to express feelings and emotions and to discuss these through the artwork

  • Provides a way to help process emotions 

  • Can help to lower stress and anxiety

  • Can provide a feeling of community through the group course

  • Can help participants connect to the world around them




Maria helps support clients with regard to emotional well being through the medium of flower essences. Essences can help alleviate fear, worry and anxiety and enhance positive emotions such as confidence, courage, joy, clarity and focus. 


They are safe to use for children and adults. 


Apart from doing her NHS occupational therapy work remotely. Maria is also doing informative, interesting, calming online flower essence workshop sessions, which include beautiful meditations to help support peoples health and well-being. 


She is a member of the British Flower & Vibrational Essences Association and has her professional insurance with Balens.


Ceza supports her clients by working on the mind and body connection, so they feel more confident, energised, happier and empowered. 


Ceza does this with fitness and EAM coaching. She teaches Burlexercise and Pilates fitness group classes online, which allows those attending to spend an hour focusing on their body, getting a big dose of good hormones, so they feel less stressed, happier, healthier and more body confident. 


She also works 1:1 with people in coaching sessions using the Energy Alignment Method (EAM), focusing on relationships, to identify where the energetic blocks are that are stopping the person from having a healthy and happy relationship, where they can fully be themselves and learn to communicate effectively and make empowered decisions. 

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