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What the participants said about Our wellbeing day in Saint Cyrus...

On 13th March 2022 we were delighted to host our NOURISH...CHERISH...FLOURISH holistic wellbeing day here in the beautiful village of Saint Cyrus. Which also has a stunning beach nestled in one of the most magical nature reserves in Scotland.

We were still under some restrictions due to C19 rules, but tried our very best to make it as relaxing and safe as possible. We were absolutely thrilled that so many people turned up to benefit from our empowering, nourishing holistic therapies and wellbeing workshops.

Thank you very much to Inspiring Scotland's Rural communities 'Ideas Into Action Fund' for providing the funding for this event and also for their valuable support in other ways too.

Thank you to all the amazing people who came along to enjoy our services and to the amazing practitioners, committee members and other volunteers who made this day such a wonderful experience.

We were very respectful of peoples privacy, so didn't want to disturb sessions by asking for photos, but we did get a few photos at the start of the day. We also got lots of lovely feedback about the organisation and the sessions - which was amazing. We're very grateful to everyone who filled in our feedback forms and are delighted that you all said you'd be very happy if we organised more events!

I complied some of the photos we got permission to take into a short video so you can get a flavour of the day...

The video of photos...

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