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Well-being day with ladies from WRASAC...

It was WRASAC (Women's Rape and sexual abuse centre) wellbeing day on Tuesday 9th March from 10am until 3pm. Ceza, Lorna and Suzy were asked to do some sessions throughout the day, alongside some other activities the ladies had planned.

Lorna's session was first and the ladies thoroughly enjoyed making superfood chocolates. Lorna had sent all the materials, moulds and the ingredients out to the ladies and they all loved making and eating the chocolates, whilst learning about the nutritional value of the ingredients, which included many healthier, more nutritious alternatives to processed sugar. The ladies found the session relaxing, informative and said it helped with feelings of isolation, it was also so lovely to do something creating connecting with each other. The delicious taste of the chocolates was an added bonus!

Suzy hosted her wonderful sound healing journey. The ladies found it very therapeutic, interesting and calming. The beautiful sound healing journey vibrations help to calm the nervous system down, working deeply on our mind, body and soul, harmonising our physical, physiological and energetic systems. Which helps to alleviate symptoms of stress and anxiety.

Ceza's Burlexercise class was amazing once again too. The medium to high intensity dance routine has the cells dancing, whilst we increase our confidence, embracing our feminine curves and energy. It really had people buzzing whilst, stretching, toning and working the cardiovascular system, helping to keep us fit and healthy. We all had lots of fun with all the feel good vibes from Ceza's vibrant energy, the music and the atmosphere. The ladies loved the fact that it was different to what they had done before, there was lots of giggles along with those wiggles!

These events were funded by WRASAC.


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