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Our third Art Auction donation and vlog with featured artist Neovi...

It was a delightful experience to go see Neovi Vlassopoulou Wales in her studio last week. Watch our video where she chats about her passion, what inspires her amazing art, how it relates to spirituality and healing both personally and collectively. Neovi has very kindly donated two of her amazing art prints to The Flourishing Well Art Auction to help raise more funds to support people with their physical and mental wellbeing.

Neovi is a natural born Nomad, born with a deep yearning for philosophical expansion, cultural experiences and growth. In recent years she has been on a quest to discover the depths of the souls of humanity and healing which have taken her around the world.

Before Neovi dedicated herself to her lifelong passion and career as a full-time artist, her spiritual path began through yoga practice. With a new found love and enthusiasm born in her yoga practice, Neovi travelled to India in the pursuit of discovering the true essence of yoga from its roots. After completing 500 hours of YTTC, Neovi spread her love and joy, one yoga class at a time, across the globe everywhere she went with the hope of inspiring others.

Neovi's curiosity and desire for learning lead her to Mexico, where she lived for 1.5 years. During this period she immersed herself into the powerful culture of Shamanism and plant medicines. It was through these experiences where she received profound messages urging her to return to her artistic career, to continue spreading her energy and wisdom through visual stories, her paintings.

Whilst painting, the artist receives channeled messages to portray to the world. In this flow state, Neovi is being guided on a higher plane, to create art embedded with spiritual messages and symbolism to open the minds of all who see her work. The energy of the heart connects directly to the hands, which she paints with, therefore every painting she creates holds a special piece of her heart and soul, with the energy of giving meaningful, inspirational stories for the eyes.

The artists subject matter and painting style varies as she glows through her own healing progress.

Her current energy and subject matter is depicting female empowerment as she begins to step into her own divine feminine chapter.

'The Eye of Nature' (Mounted)

(Lotus third eye pic)

H - 16" W - 15.5"

H - 40 cm W - 39 cm RRP - £75

You can bid for 'The Eye of Nature' in our Ebay shop here...



H - 12" W- 10"

H - 30cm W - 25cm

RRP £50

You can bid for 'Intuition' on our Ebay shop here...

See more of Neovi's work here...


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