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Our second Art Auction donation and vlog with featured Artist Isa Dor!

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

We are delighted to be featuring Isa as our second artist who has donated her very special painting to us, within our first art auction month. We are very grateful for Isa's generous donation and anyone who'd like to bid for it, as it will help us to fund more one to one holistic therapies and wellbeing workshops.

Isabelle Saussez, who's artist name is Isa Dor, is a painter living and working in Brussels, Belgium. At the age of 28, she took interior design classes whilst working, learned perspective, composition and developed various drawing and colouring skills. Private acrylic classes allowed her to further develop her sensitivity and establish her own style in mixed media. With over 300 canvases to date, Isa has held 6 exhibitions in Brussels, Belguim since 2008. She participated in Pebeo Mixed Media Art contest and exhibition In London in 2019.

Her mixed media work is abstract and introspective, using multiple layers of acrylic mediums in vibrant hues and muted colours, intermixing and evolving, to reflect the experience of renewal she has gone through. The superimposition of layers is vital to the essence of her work as it serves as veils of history and memory.

Isa's donation is a mixed media piece on paper, matted (mounted) 30cm X 30cm. The name of the painting is "Uncomfortable Words."

"Our mental health issues are often linked to words that seem ordinary for most, but that are terribly uncomfortable for us. Either we’ve heard those words, or they’ve been told to us, or we’ve been telling them to ourselves. The painting is there to tell us to acknowledge the discomfort and the pain and thrive through them."

Isabelle Saussez

Isa has chosen this one as she feels it resonates with the mission of The Flourishing Well.

Isa Dor is a certified GOLDEN Artist educator and teaches acrylic pouring as well as mixed media classes, accessible to all, whatever their level.

Watch our vlog to find out more about Isa, her art, what inspires her and why allowing our creative juices to flow freely is so therapuetic!

This Painting is now sold!

Here are the links to Isa's website and social media platforms...

You can bid for the painting in our ebay shop here...

The RRP of the painting is 85€.


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