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Our Stalls at Holistic Health Day in Friockheim, Sunday 23rd July 11am - 4pm

Date and time: Sunday 23rd July, 11am - 4pm

Location: The Hub at Friockheim, Eastgate, Friockheim, Arbroath DD11 4TG

In this blog post we introduce our fantastic stalls available on our wellbeing day. Thank you very much to NHS Charities Together for supporting us with the funding for this event. We are delighted to be offering a unique selection of amazing 1-to-1 therapies and fabulous group workshops. The stall products aren't included in the funding and should you choose to purchase anything the vendors would be delighted to revieve cash, debit/credit card or paypal.

Jill Hood Soy Wax Candles

Jill Hood Soy Wax Candles started in September 2017. She always loved having candles or wax melts burning in the house and in the summer of 2017 decided to have a look making my own candles, however after many failed attempts she booked herself and her husband onto a candle workshop to learn the fundamentals of candle making.

She did a lot of research regarding all the different types of waxes and fragrances that were available and decided that after many years of burning toxic paraffin wax candles she wanted to try candles that had no artificial ingredients added.

Jill's candles are all handmade and hand poured using soy wax and the fragrances she uses are high quality pre blended and vegan friendly. The wicks are unbleached mixed cotton and linen.

Soy wax is a vegetable wax made from the oil of soy beans. Soy’s advantage is that it will burn cleaner than other waxes and slowly which means you can enjoy your candle for 30-40% longer than a paraffin candle.

When she introduces a new fragrance she ensures that testing has been carried out to make sure that the candle does not tunnel and that the fragrance scent throw is strong enough, as soy wax is not suitable for all fragrance oils, and each fragrance oil and vessel used requires a different sized wick. It’s not one size fits all. Candle making for Jill is very therapeutic and helps her unwind.

Butterflybees Wellbeing Holistic Therapies & Organic Skincare

Lorna from Butterflybees Wellbeing has a stall of her luscious 100% natural, organic, skincare products, made with an eco friendly ethos for all the family.

Lorna decided to create her products after recognising how many toxins were present in so many skincare products. Knowing that approximately 60% of the products we put on our skin enter the bloodstream, which can affect our health in a negative way, she researched, trained and developed her own 100% natural skincare. Her therapeutic products are made with love, are full of nourishment and smell Devine. They are very helpful for babies, children and adults with sensitive skin. Extremely beneficial for conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis and many other skin issues. She has 88 variations of her luscious, pamper products that have been assessed and approved by a cosmetic chemist. Her range also includes, men's grooming products, pain relieving balms, oils and products that give stress and anxiety relief.

Healcraft Herbs Ltd

Gillian has a herbal and shop and wellbeing hub in Edinburgh which sells Herbal, natural remedies and products.

Gillian Robartes of HealCraft Therapies will be there with a stall of her wonderful products and remedies from Healthcraft Herbs. She offers a holistic range of therapeutic approaches for you to choose from that can be personalised with practical advice to suit your individual needs. The Herbal Medicine, remedies and products she provides can be used on their own or in support of the work you do with her. She holds a supportive and compassionate therapeutic space with a multitude of practical tools and advice that encourages you to take charge of your wellness in ways that resonate with you. Gillian has always had an interest in helping people and has a keenly intuitive and empathic awareness of plants, energy and healing.

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