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Art Auction Update

We would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has supported our art auction, either by donating pieces of art, bidding on the pieces of art or sharing information about our art auction with your network.

We are delighted to have sold 2 pieces of art, which are now with their new owners.

We still have 5 pieces of art available to bid for on eBay, and we will have an additional 2 new donations to add during December.

The pieces of artwork we currently have available to bid for via eBay are:

Franciszka F Doris’ beautiful painting is mixed media - Watercolour & Acrylic 8" x 12" in Frame 18" x 14".

RRP is £150, but bidding starts at £50 here:

Rose Strang’s beautiful painting captures a late afternoon on Scotland’s west coast in Ardnamurchan. Mixed media on 20 x 16-inch wood panel.

Rose valued this painting at £800, but bidding starts at £150, so a great opportunity to buy this wonderful artwork at a much lower price. You can bid here:

Neovi Vlassopoulou Wales’ 'The Eye of Nature' (Mounted) (Lotus third eye pic)

H - 16" W - 15.5" H - 40 cm W - 39 cm.

RRP is £75, but bidding starts at £30. You can bid here:

We also have 2 pieces from Jilly Henderson:

"Best hair day...ever" is a beautiful original print, mounted and framed 26cm x 26cm.

RRP is £60 with bidding starting at £20. Click on this link to place your bid:

"Life could be a dream sweetheart" is the second piece of art by Jilly Henderson, mounted and framed 26cm x 26cm

RRP is £60 with bidding starting at £20 and you can bid here:

Thank you so much to everyone for your continued support.

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