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At peace within the heart meditation by the Flourishing Well

Updated: Apr 26, 2022


Online on Thursday 28th April from 7pm until 8pm. Please dial in 5 mins before to settle in.

In this months session Catherine Strang will be guiding us through a deeply nourishing Meditation – Which helps us to embrace peace within our Heart.

We are delighted that Catherine Strang is bringing her beautiful energy and experience to The Flourishing Well for us all to enjoy and benefit from.

This online experience will introduce you to this beautiful way of meditating that anyone from complete beginners to experienced meditators can benefit from.

More about the session: At Peace Within The Heart Meditation:

“Our heart is a remarkable organ, it can work with no intervention for 100 years if we take care of ourselves. Through the decades long research of The HeartMath Institute it is clear that one way to take care of our heart is through a simple and relaxing exercise called HeartMath breathing.

Apart from increased heart health, a long list of other benefits has been discovered from practising this form of meditation, not least of which is the ability to manage anxiety and depression and in many cases alleviate it altogether.

Some other benefits of HeartMath breathing include increased mental function and clarity of thought, increased health and faster recovery from sickness, raised levels of the anti-aging hormone DHEA and a greater feeling of emotional balance overall.

The session begins with why it works and what is happening within the body to produce the benefits to be found from this practice. We then go into a deeply relaxing guided meditation incorporating HeartMath breathing that takes you deeper into the heart itself, enabling you to experience the peacefulness of being within this space.”

We invite you to participate with your camera off or on for this beautiful meditation. Please make yourself as warm and comfortable as possible. You might want to light some candles and have some drinking water by your side too.

Read more about Catherine our session facilitator

There are 3 exchanges available to access this session to suit your own circumstances, please select the one that best applies to you when you register for the session;

1) 'Complimentary ticket' fully funded by The Flourishing Well to support those in need with limited resources.

2) 'Supported ticket' reduced price ticket, part funded by The Flourishing Well to support those requiring some help. 3) 'Helping self and others' ticket priced to help support others, for those who are able to give more.

When you press 'Register' you will find these 3 options to choose from in the ticket registration page.

Book your place in this fabulous online workshop -------------------------------------------------------------- Any queries to: View the events calendar for more events by The Flourishing Well

Catherine Strang our facilitator

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