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Care packs making a difference...

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

Apart from delivering 352 therapeutic, transformative one to one sessions and group workshops with our funding from 26th July - 12th December. Last year delivered 94 care packs, which has helped support people with severe conditions, who’d been referred to us from the GP’s social subscribers and other third sector organisations, due to many of their conditions becoming resistance to conventional treatments, also lots of people had exacerbations of existing conditions and/or developed new symptoms..

Below are some of the care packs we sent out and a lovely comment from a young woman called Natalie - who in the past has seen over 50 doctors. Supportive conventional treatments had been very difficult for her to find, she commented that she'd "Received little or no support and that some treatments with clinicians had traumatised her deeply."

Natalie has been completely bedbound for over 3 years, with a severe condition the same as mine was, which she’s had for decades. This illness has us dealing with 30 - 60 symptoms. Happy to hear and see Natalie has now started to make progress.

There are many more wonderful, transformative experiences to share from our flourishing well sessions and community workshops.

Thank you to all our funders for making it possible for us to reach out further.

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