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Introduction to Mindfulness Workshop...

Updated: Apr 26, 2022


For your enhanced wellbeing

Online on Sunday 8th May from 11am to 1pm

Please dial in 5 mins before to settle in

In this 2 hour whistle stop workshop, Mia will introduce you to what Mindfulness is, how practising daily can improve your health, and learn a couple of practices to help you make small but effective changes to your life.

Online on Sunday 8th May 11am - 1pm

How much of your day is lost in distraction, and how do you often feel by the end of the day?

We are the only species on the planet who spend our lives ruminating over and regretting the past or worrying about what may or may not happen in the future. We spend our lives in our minds, so much so that often we are only aware of and living 50% of our lives.

All our energy is in our head, which leaves little for fuelling our body. Most of us are unaware of how disconnected we are from our body, because of the level of activity in our mind. This is one of the reasons why we have so many serious health issues, chronic pain and mental health difficulties.

More about the Mindfulness workshop:

This compulsive thinking we have developed with our minds being stimulated 24 hours a day 7 days a week, has a negative impact on our health and immune functioning. The more we get caught up in ruminating over things, dwelling on issues and just getting caught up in repeating loops of thought decreases our energy levels, which can contribute to low mood and poor health. The more we feed negative thought patterns, the stronger they get, so it becomes a vicious cycle. Believe it or not, most of it is not our fault. We have been subliminally conditioned over generations to think and behave in this way.

Dr. Joe Dispenza said “We think on average between 60,000 and 70,000 thoughts a day. The problem is that 90% of these thoughts that you think on a daily basis are the same thoughts you had the day before and the day before that and the day before that.” Some of us spend years recycling the same thoughts, with the same feelings, repeating the same patterns.

When you understand that your thoughts and feelings are living things that act on the physiology of our body, you can then grasp the concept that the quality of your life and your health are reflected in the way you think and feel.

Regular Mindfulness practices have been proven to help people regain control of their lives, improve their health and life opportunities through learning how to operate in the present moment. Why would this be so significant? Because the present moment is the only place where we can find the answers to make the changes we seek.

What the workshop will include:

Welcome Introduction

What is Mindfulness?

Mindful eating exercise

Group Discussion

The Health benefits of mindfulness

A Mindful technique

A bodyscan exercise

Read more about Mia Middleton, our session facilitator

There are 3 exchanges available to access this session to suit your own circumstances, please select the one that best applies to you when you register for the session;

1) 'Complimentary ticket' fully funded by The Flourishing Well to support those in need with limited resources.

2) 'Supported ticket' reduced price ticket, part funded by The Flourishing Well to support those requiring some help. 3) 'Helping self and others' ticket priced to help support others, for those who are able to give more.

When you press 'Register' you will find these 3 options to choose from in the ticket registration page.

Book your place in this fabulous online workshop -------------------------------------------------------------- Any queries to: View the events calendar for more events by The Flourishing Well

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