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Mental Health Awareness Week - 1-1 therapies and group workshops...

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

We are delighted to be offering a unique selection of 1-1 therapies and group workshops for Mental Health Awareness week from 10th October 2022 at The Montrose Playhouse, The Mall, Montrose, DD10 8NN.

We will be there in Montrose on...

Monday 10th October 11-5pm

Tuesday 11th October 1-5pm

Friday 14th October 1-5pm.

Thank you very much to NHS Charities Together for supporting us with funding for these events. All 1-1 therapy sessions are fully funded, so free for participants. Most places in every group workshop are also fully funded. There's a few on each workshop that are sliding scale "Subsidised" or "Help self help others" options. Please choose the option best suited to your individual circumstances.

Our practitioners and services throughout this weeks events are...


Jillian Webster is a spiritual and holistic well-being coach and intuitive energy worker. She offers workshops, healing and advice on health and lifestyle guidance through self-discovery, self-love and self-empowerment.

She works with individuals and groups to help them achieve their potential by tapping into their inner wisdom and the higher aspects of themselves so they are enabled to make more informed choices to enhance the quality of their lives. Having dealt with many challenges in her own life including illness, low self-esteem, financial loss.

Jillian brings messages of hope and empowerment to others who are willing to learn and grow from the ' twists and turns ' in their own lives journey. Those who are ready to access the wealth of resources that lie within.

Read more about Jillian here:

Jillian is available:

Monday 10th October 11am - 12pm - Dealing with difficult emotions Group Workshop | book here

Monday 10th October 2pm – 5pm (1-to-1 therapy) | book here

Friday 14th October 2-5 (1-1 therapy) | book here


Maria Doherty is a Flower and Vibrational Essence Practitioner and has been qualified in this modality since 2008. She is a member of the British Flower & Vibrational Essences Association. Maria also works as a Occupational Therapist with children with additional support needs in the NHS.

Maria is offering Flower and Vibrational Essences support to help us to cope with and manage any emotional blocks or patterns in order for us to achieve balance and well-being.

Essences can help to improve confidence or self - esteem, release self-doubt, fear or worries, gain clarity and manage stress or grief. Essences are safe to take, have no side effects and do not interfere with orthodox medicine. They can be used by babies, children, adults and household pets.

Maria will have a consultation with you, bringing her unique techniques into the session which helps her to alchemise your individual, person centered flower remedy blend.

Maria is available:

Monday 10th October 1pm - 4pm (1-to-1 therapy) | book here


Lorna is a Holistic Health Practitioner, Alchemist, Artist and Medium. She is also founder and director of The Flourishing Well.

Lorna will be there on Monday 10th, Tuesday 11th and Friday 14th. She will be available throughout the week to chat with you about future funded sessions with The Flourishing Well after the event too.

Lorna will be offering 1-1 sessions and is bringing her nourishing, natural, organic, calming aromatherapy products for adults and children.

Monday downstairs in event room - 1-5.

Tuesday downstairs in event room - 1-5.

Friday downsairs in event room - 1-5.

EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique - Is a fusion of modern psychology and ancient Chinese Acupressure. As an empath and intuitive Lorna teaches you how to use EFT to tap on meridians using specific person-centred language. This enables your innate healing mechanisms to diffuse the chemical reactions which negatively affects your physiological and physical wellbeing. These cognitive shifts and compassionate energetic realignment techniques help with symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression, phobias, fears and much more - As it facilitates a harmonious internal environment that creates homeostasis.

Mind, body, soul empowerment sessions - Lorna uses her skills as a holistic health practitioner alongside aromatherapy, naturopathy and Divination tools such as oracle cards, to help support you with a person centered treatment to balance your mind, body, soul. The techniques also helps you to identify and eliminate anything that may be blocking you from receiving abundance in wellbeing, relationships, career and purpose.

Angelic Reiki - Is a beautiful energetic healing modality where you remain fully clothed whilst Lorna channels the energy through her hands to help balance and heal your mind, body and spirit. Empowering channeled messages can also be shared with you if you choose.

Lorna is available:

Monday 10th October 1pm – 5pm (1-to-1 therapy) | book here

Tuesday 11th October 1pm – 5pm (1-to-1 therapy) | book here

Friday 14th October 2pm – 5pm (1-to-1 therapy) | book here


Milena is hosting her beautiful Vibrational Sound Bath.

This is an invitation for deep relaxation of your body and your mind…

A Sound Bath is a type of energy healing which uses specialised instruments like Crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, drums, chimes and other instruments which are played in therapeutic ways, combined with deep self-reflection techniques to improve health and well-being.

A Sound bath promotes healing from stressful disorders such as anxiety, depression, pain and improves sleep. Researchers have found that tension, anxiety and negative moods decreased significantly after sound bath therapy. It’s been proven to improve mood and reduce tension in the body. Come and let yourself unwind, allow your body deep rest and rejuvenation, immersing yourself in beautiful healing sounds.

Please bring a mat, blanket, pillow and drinking water.

Tuesday 11th October 2pm - 4pm | Sound Bath Group Session | book here


Are you struggling with anxiety, overwhelm or mental and emotional stress?

In these private sessions we can address a current issue or I can lead you through simple techniques to cope with whatever you are currently going through.

Everything discussed is completely confidential, you do not have to disclose any details you do not want to share. I can lead you through emotional release techniques without having to know the content of what is distressing you.

These sessions are gentle, non-intrusive and respect where you are in your life.

Meditation Group Session

This is a Mindfulness based meditation aimed at reducing anxiety, emotional distress and also on how to cope with the debilitating surges of anxiety that seem to come out of the blue or in response to a seemingly small event.

The session aims to be as deeply relaxing and soothing as possible; there will be no requirements to introduce yourself or to speak unless you wish to!

It includes some brief notes with a couple of simple techniques to try at home and where to go for further resources.

Please bring a mat, pillow, blanket and drinking water.

Catherine is available:

Friday 14th October 1pm - 2pm | Meditation Group Session | book here Friday 14th October 3pm – 5pm (1-to-1 therapy) | book here

If you book a funded ticket and can't make it on the day, PLEASE respectively let us know at so we can offer your place to someone else.

Stalls on the three days we're in Montrose are...

Butterflybees organic, natural skincare:

Lorna has a wonderful choice of therapeutic organic, natural aromatherapy skincare products for adults, children and babies with sensitive or problematic skin. Her aromatherapy products are made with love from 'nature to nurture.' They are uplifting, calming, balancing and smell Devine. Alchemising them with reiki infuses that special magic, which aids healing helping to calm the mind, nurture, rejuvinate, repair and protect the skin. Lorna also makes supportive pain relieving oils and balms, nontoxic home fragrances. Her unique aromatherapy blends help your senses to sing, are all made with an eco-friendly ethos and are assessed and approved by a cosmetic chemist.

Jules Healing Gems:

Julie Davidson will be there offering crystal guidance with a large stall of her precious crystals. Jules Healing Gems is now enjoying its 11th year in Ellon, far exceeding the usual lifespan of most small businesses specializing in this area. This continued success can be attributed to Jules’ consistent delivery of insightful, experienced advice to her customers on the personal use of crystals and therapies, and the exceptional quality of the crystals she has always carried throughout the shop’s growth and expansion. This expertise, combined with a diverse selection of associated products and services, perfectly complements the openness of her shop. It is a peaceful space that invites people to come in, look around and just relax in the calm atmosphere of the superb, high-quality, cherry-picked crystal collection she maintains for sale. Ranging from the smallest tumble stones to exquisite, large, one-of-a-kind specimens, her stock is always sure to please! Jules is an experienced Reiki Practitioner and Crystal Master Teacher. She also teaches crystal courses in small intimate groups from the warmth and serenity of the treatment room within the shop. The restricted size of her courses allows her to provide students with more one to one focus and interaction with her in their learning. For more information on how to contact Jules at the shop,

Jules Healing Gems Website, or on Facebook..

Shop Landline: (01358) 724440

FB: Jule Healing Gems

*Products from stalls aren't included in the funding, but we will happily accept cash, credit/debit cards or paypal if you decide to purchase any goods.*

If you book a funded ticket and can't make it on the day PLEASE respectively let us know at so we can offer your place to someone else.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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