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Mindfulness for self-compassion Workshop

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Welcoming Susie Hooper of Pause and Breathe CIC to lead this workshop, funded by the Flourishing Well - for your enhanced wellbeing.

Delighted to welcome Susie Hooper from Pause & Breathe CIC who will lead this 60 minute workshop based on self-compassion and gratitude.

Self-compassion practises can help us to move past our inner-critics - which can often be loud and destructive. When we practice self-compassion we start to become kinder to ourselves when we're struggling, which can help to increase our motivation and feelings of self-worth. Interestingly, self-compassion also has a positive impact on our close relationships. The more we start to value ourselves, the more others do too. Also, when we're nicer to ourselves we have more capacity to be open and giving to others.

Increasing our gratitude can also increase our levels of self-compassion and vice versa. There is a wealth of research now about the positive effects of gratitude. When we really experience gratitude, it increases our pleasant emotions. It's associated with higher levels of happiness. Interestingly, it also helps us to be more able to deal with adversity, to enjoy good experiences and to build strong relationships.

In this workshop, Susie will lead us through an affectionate breathing practice, help us to generate gratitude for the big and small things in our lives and talk us through the 3 main components of self-compassion. It would be helpful to have a set up where practising a meditation will be comfortable.

What you need? Having paper and pen handy would be great to make some written reflections.


Book your place in this fabulous online workshop.

The Flourishing Well provide funded one to one therapies and group workshops to people experiences financial hardship. There’s 10 complimentary fully funded tickets available, plus another 5 tickets by donation for this workshop, donations are always gratefully received. Please do get in touch if you'd like to be added to our mailing list for future workshops.

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